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Many marriages suffer some type of strain, pain and stress. With those symptoms, it becomes all too easy to forget the feelings of your husband. When this happens, there’s a danger he will stray.

Want to know how to rekindle a husband’s love and the fire your husband once felt for you? These tips should help you.

1. Let your husband know that you still love him.

Depending on what your situation is, you may have your work cut out for you. Trying to rekindle a husband’s love can be a difficult and delicate task. The one thing you have working in your favor is his knowledge of you once loving him. Reassuring him that you still feel the same love will go a long way in his eyes — and heart.

2. Learn to be attentive to your husband’s needs and problems.

This tip goes back to the “Golden Rule”. If you were crying out, you would want your cries to be heard. Your husband deserves the same amount of attention and care.

Being a good listener to your husband’s problems will not only show him that you will listen but also that you care about his feelings. Give more of yourself mentally and emotionally when he is pouring out his feelings. It may not happen again for a while.

3. Learn to be more receptive to your husband’s solutions to your problems.

Your husband wants to know that you still respect his opinion. Men love to be admired, and they love to fix things.

Women and men tend to see ‘complaints’ differently. When you are describing your problems, you may be looking for sympathy, not solutions. Your girlfriends will probably respond the way you want, but your husband likely will not.

This is because when men talk about a problem, they usually want a solution, not sympathy. So your husband will think that’s what you want, and he’ll start trying to find a solution for you.

Sometimes, this can lead to a situation where you think he’s not really listening, or that he’s even criticizing you, and he thinks you’re not listening to him, and you have no respect for his ideas. Here’s a typical example:

Her: “Oh, I had such a terrible trip to the mall today. The traffic!”

Him: “You should go by Lincoln Street.”

Her: “But there’s that bad left turn. Then when I finally got there, they only had my size in red.”

Him: “So why didn’t you take the red? I like red.”

Her: “Oh my God, we’ve been married five years and you still don’t know I can’t wear red? You never listen! I’m telling you I had a horrible day!”

Imagine how he feels if you stomp on all of his helpful suggestions in this way.

So, if you’re complaining about some problem that you have, don’t dismiss the suggestions that he has. Say “That’s a good idea” or “Yes, I’ll think about that.”

You might even try doing what he suggests, even if you don’t think it will work. It might be just the solution you needed!

4. Learn to be observant of your own faults.

Don’t beat yourself up over this one, but it’s only human nature to always focus on finding fault with someone else. Unfortunately, that includes our mate.

A good practice would be to slow down and ask yourself, “Do I do this to him?” You have to ask yourself that genuinely so you don’t end up causing self-anger. We all have faults. You don’t want to perpetuate his, especially if you’re trying to rekindle your husband’s love.

5. Surprise him with a lovemaking extravaganza he’ll not soon forget.

Put on your sexiest nightgown or lingerie. You look at him when he enters the room or house like you haven’t seen him in ages. You have total power, but you want to relinquish some of that to make him still feel like a man. Don’t worry; you’ll be fine. Women have this power over men. You should utilize this intimate moment to make him feel wanted and loved even more.

If you love your husband, follow the tips to try and rekindle your husband’s love. Marriages are supposed to be ’til death do you part.’ Making him fall in love with you is a good start to saving your marriage.

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    Haha that is a great example conversation. I thought it was so funny. Then I read it to my husband and he was like, huh? what’s funny in that? LOL

  2. Lisa Shaw

    When I was in a bad phase in my relationship, spending tme with my sister and other family members helped me. I didn’t necessarily need to talk about it, but I needed to be around other people who cared about me, to find the strength. I hope this helps somebody.

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