Being a human, we need to eat, sleep and do some work. By eating we take some energy in our body and by the exercise’s we do some metabolic steps to break the food. The food we take in our body is large pieces of different contents in the form of fat, carbohydrates, and essential proteins.

Metabolism is that chemical process wherein the food you consume is converted into energy for use by the body. That’s why people who wish to lose weight look for effective methods of keeping their metabolic rate up. The following are a few short tips on how to improve metabolism. You’ll find a whole lot more at

blueberry yogurt and berries1. Don’t skip breakfast.

It’s an essential meal of the day as it provides the initial energy your body needs after being asleep for hours. Additionally, it starts up your metabolism and keeps it going for the rest of the day. Studies have concluded that people who have breakfast got less weight or body issues compared to people who don’t.

In fact, don’t skip any meals. When you skip meals, your body goes into starvation mode, and the body’s metabolism reduces during the long gap in-between meals. Hence, there is more time for production of fat.

2. Go for cardio exercises.

Aerobic or Cardiovascular are types of exercises which are great for burning excess fats and calories and boosting your metabolism. The exercise also makes your hurt beat to increase even after you are done exercising. The most known Cardiovascular exercise examples include playing badminton, biking, walking, dancing, jogging, swimming, etc.

3. Eat frequently.

Eating 5 to 6 small meals during the day is better than having three big meals at which is also better than crash dieting. When you eat regularly, your metabolic rate is ever high and also will keep you satisfied.

4. Eat slowly.

One of the best things about eating slowly is that it allows you time to enjoy what you are eating. Eating slowly also helps in digestion and gives your brain the time to understand that it is full, which will keep you from being hungry after you have just eaten.

5. Have more protein.

It’s important to maintain muscle mass as it eats up calories even while you’re at rest. One way of doing so is by eating protein. What’s more, your body needs more energy to digest and process protein. This way, you tend to lose a lot more calories right after having chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and the likes.

6. Skip the long runs.

Distance running doesn’t enhance your fat-burning. For metabolic benefits, it is much more efficient to do short sprints of thirty seconds, interspersed with a slow jog.

Green Tea photo7. Drink green tea.

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, and drinking it is one effective way of how to increase your metabolism. Caffeine found in coffee does the same thing to the metabolic rate. However, consuming too much of it causes some undesirable health effects along the way, so it’s not recommendable.

You need to know some certain tips while buying “green tea” as every brand that is available in the market may not have all the natural ingredients. Also the taste can be very different. Shop around to find one you like, that is also a good quality.

Avoid food products that contain sugar, which slows down your metabolism and creates a fat-storing machine. Reach for foods that contain complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, low-fat dairy products or a protein-balanced smoothie. Start losing weight, controlling it and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by increasing your metabolism!

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